Taking Inspiration from the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation

Ever wondered what the economy would look like if it made equality and equity it’s driving goal?

The Basque town of Arrasate, home of the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, offers a hugely impressive living example:

  • A globally-competitive, worker owned company where the wage ratio between the lowest and highest paid member never exceeds 1:7
  • 35,000 member owners benefitting directly from the capital growth of the company
  • Responsible for 25% of all patents in the Basque region
  • Lowest unemployment rates in Spain
  • And a comparable Gini coefficient (measure of inequality) to Finland and Norway – without the high taxes

All made possible by embedding its social purpose deeply into the fabric of the company. As our guide Ander Etxeberria put it “This is not utopia. It’s a machine for making good jobs.”

The Cooperative Councils Innovation Network recently sponsored a visit to Mondragon for a delegation of local government councillors, including Owned by Oxford’s, Simon Grove-White. More about the trip here:

To find out more about the Mondragon model and explore how we can help these ideas take root in the UK context, sign up for the CCIN’s 10th Annual Conference in Telford on November 24th

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