Set up a power station; retrofit a neighbourhood – Communities tackling the energy crisis

Residents can now by power from solar panels installed on the roof of their Roupell Park flats at a fraction of the current price cap, thanks to a local Energy Buying club.

Set up a power station; retrofit a neighbourhood – Communities tackling the energy crisis

We were delighted to be featured in the latest blog from the Transition Together. In a round up of brilliant community driven and owned initiatives to respond to the energy crisis. The Barton Retrofit Coop was hifghlighted as a case study.

The blog written by Chris McCartney says:

In Oxford, the Barton Retrofit Coop is being set up to offer new skills and jobs for local people, focusing on effective fabric-first insulation for the 1950s prefab council houses which make up most homes in the area. “Our aim is to start small and build one community retrofit team, then expand and create new teams, and then replicate the model in other communities,” said project lead Jabu Nala-Hartley from CAG Oxfordshire (another Transition group). 

This approach will bring major energy-saving home improvements into the reach of many more people and spread the skills needed to accelerate community-led insulation. Often neighbours live in similar houses, with the almost identical layout, materials and retrofitting challenges. It would be faster, cheaper, easier and more accessible to find solutions together rather than each household doing their own legwork and research. 

The blog gives other examples of community lead inititaives such as generating their own energy and buying energy together to sharing energy saving tips.

Transition Together supports the Transition movement across Britain to develop and grow. We do this through helping groups to connect and learn from one another, amplifying inspiring stories, giving out seed funding grants and running workshops and events. We will also support the emergence of a democratically representative structure that can coordinate the movement across England and Wales.

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