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We have worked with some inspiring Oxford based enterprises through the Owned by Oxford Project. Read more about them here:

The Wellbeing Co-operative

The Wellbeing Co-operative is a collective of freelance health and wellbeing practitioners. The practitioners offer a range of services, from acupuncture and yoga to massage and arts and crafts

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Mothers 4 Justice Ubuntu

Mothers 4 Justice Ubuntu (M4JU) is a collective of mothers and family members of people in prison, who are campaigning for justice, accountability and change within the police and criminal justice system.

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Damascus Rose Kitchen

Damascus Rose Kitchen is a social enterprise that runs a cafe and catering service, led by refugee women. Their story began with a few women based in Oxford, who decided to unite and share their culture by preparing Middle Eastern dishes for their community

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Blackbird Leys Community Larder

Blackbird Leys Community Larder is a food club distributing fresh foods from supermarkets that would otherwise have gone to waste. For a weekly fee of £3.50, anyone can become a member and pick up plenty of fresh foods, visit the cafe and access information services. 

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African and Caribbean Market

The market is being set up by women at WOW (Women Of the World) Space, a self-referred space offering migrant women who have survived FGM, domestic violence and other trauma the opportunity to build friendships and foster their wellbeing. 

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