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Do you want to be part of building a democratic and community-led economy in Oxford?

Owned by Oxford is an innovative and emerging project. We are always looking for new opportunities to connect and collaborate and most importantly we want to to be led by the incredible community initiatives that are already happening out there.

We can help with organisational development and securing investment or to signpost you to other sources of support.

If you or your organisation is interested in getting involved just drop us a line.

Our events, coop development, manifesto and funding pages will soon be live. In the meantime, here are some places to visit:

Cooperative and social enterprise development support:
Local organisations supporting and incubating grass-roots, community enterprises
We’re working to build a more equal, resilient and connected Oxford
A community-owned hub for people to meet, work, play, create, learn, eat and connect

The Owned by Oxford Project is part of CAG Oxfordshire, a co-operative owned by its members.

Registered as The Community Action Groups Project Oxfordshire Limited with the FCA, number 8117.

ADDRESS: Makespace, 1 Aristotle Lane, Oxford OX2 6TP

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