Barton Community Retrofit Cooperative

Barton Community Retrofit Cooperative

We are excited to share some news on our latest programme as part of the Owned By Oxford project. A proposal to set up a Barton Retrofit Cooperative business to:

  • Provide retrofit services
  • Train and upskill local people
  • Provide energy saving services for local residents

We’re at an early stage of development – but things are beginning to take off!

Citywide context

  • Council housing stock needs to be EPC C rated by 2030
  • Strategy in development
  • Skills shortages with developers
  • Social housing tenants haven’t engaged with opportunities so far
  • Shortage of capacity to meet private homeowner demand

Barton Context

  • Poor housing stock – especially 1950s prefabs
  • Local concerns about rising energy prices
  • New housing developments on edge of estate promising high standards of efficiency and renewable energy

The plan and development so far

  • We’re starting to recruit local builders interested in “learning through doing”
  • We have a local retrofit expert to lead the team.
  • Seed-funding has been secured from the Owned by Oxford project
  • We’re seeking resources and one or two properties to test the model

Our aim is to start small and build one “community retrofit team”, then expand and create new teams, and then replicate the model in other communities

Home energy outreach

  • Profit from the retrofit will support local, community outreach, energy advice and resources for self-help approaches
  • This will draw on the expertise of retrofit teams but mainly be delivered through local home energy advocates
  • Addressing rising energy costs and cost of living crisis

How to get involved

We are looking for:

  • Builders and Barton residents interested in training as retrofitters
  • Barton residents interested in training and working as community home energy advisors
  • People with expertise in retrofit and/or expertise in energy saving advice for households to support us in a voluntary capacity

Interested in supporting the project or getting directly involved? 
For more information contact us at